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Upcycling plastic pollution

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Plastic Pollution is a Global Crisis


Plastic pollution is a global crisis that threatens the lives of millions of wildlife and the food safety for 4 billion people. Despite current recycling technologies, 90% of post-consumer plastic waste becomes pollution.


BioCellection is using synthetic biology to tackle plastic pollution one plastic at a time. We are starting with polystyrene because it has very low recyclability and makes up one third of marine pollution.

BioCellection's solution is to upcycle plastic pollution into valuable materials for textiles

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BioCellection was founded by technical co-founders who have worked on the science behind the invention for the past five years and currently hold three provisional patents for this technology. In 2013, co-founders Miranda and Jeanny were invited to speak at TED about their plastic-eating bacteria research, which began as a science fair project from high school and has become BioCellection’s platform technology. Currently, the management team receives mentorship from world-class experts in science, biotech scale-up, and business development, and has investors from USA, China, and Europe.


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We're Hiring!

We are looking for talented scientists and engineers to join our team! 


Watch Our Co-founders talk about the science project that became BioCellection at TED2013



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Recent recognition

Beijing ChaoYang District Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Competition (OTEC) 2016 Global Finals Grand Prize

Silicon Dragon Pitch NYC: Advancement into the Overseas Talent Entrepreneur Conference Finals in Beijing FORBES ARTICLE

Wharton Business Plan Competition 2016 Perlman Grand Prize, Michelson People's Choice Award, Social Impact Prize, Gloeckner Award for Top Undergraduate Team, and Committee's Choice: Wow Factor PRESS RELEASE

Weiss Tech House PennVention Grand Prize and Social Impact Prize

Wharton Entrepreneurship Woods Award for "substantial growth and significant progress" 2016

The Inaugural President's Innovation Prize Finalist

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