BioCellection upcycles plastic waste via an integrative chemical and biological approach. Traditionally, chemical conversion technologies are fast at converting polymers into fuel substances and electricity, which are low-value commodities. On the other hand, biological degradation of polymers to date has not shown much success at larger scale because biology alone is too slow. Our innovation focuses on modifying the two processes individually and combining them in a strategic way to yield speedy conversion rates and high-value end products.


Our Process

1. Mixed plastic waste: The feedstock of the chemical process is mixed plastic residue, including HDPE, LDPE. and PP.

2. Chemical machine: The physicochemical process will be contained in a machine that can be placed on-site where plastic waste is aggregated.

3. Organic salts: The output of the chemical process is a series of plastic-derived daughter compounds that are of lower molecular weight and can be fed to BioCellection bacteria.

4. Enhanced bacteria: BioCellection selected strains of bacteria that have been evolved to effectively biodegrade the organic salts and genetically engineered to biosynthesize lipid products.

5.Biodegradation process: The evolved bacteria are efficient at consuming the organic salts as their sole food source.

6. Biosynthesis process: After consuming the carbon from the organic salts, the engineered bacteria produce lipids into the medium.

7. Lipid compounds: The lipid products can be harvested from the medium via standard separation techniques.

Watch this animation video to learn more about how BioCellection’s integrative process works.


  • Science research project on plastic biodegradation
  • TED talk on solution to plastic pollution
  • BioCellection incorporation
  • Graduation from SOSV synthetic biology accelerator
  • Introduction of integrative chemical and biological approach
  • Chemical prototype (collaboration with Arizona State University)
  • Biological prototype (in-house)
  • Technology showcase
  • Mechanical prototype
  • Pilot project
  • Machine product launch