We’re seeking an Analytical Chemist to lead efforts in uncovering the composition of various streams in our novel chemical process. You will be responsible for identifying and developing methods for qualitative and quantitative analysis and using a wide range of instrumentation and techniques. You will work closely with the R&D team and the CSO. The successful candidate has 10+ years of experience in an analysis lab, analyzing diverse sample types.

This is a full-time position in Menlo Park, CA, with a competitive salary and stock options.

A Day in the Job

  • Implement new capabilities for identifying unknown solid and gaseous compounds using a range of techniques including LC-MS/GC-MS/GPC &FTIR

  • Design, validate and deploy methods to optimize sensitivity, resolution and speed of analysis

  • Prepare samples and perform accurate quantitative analysis

  • Interpret data and keep accurate and organized records

  • Report and present results effectively in a timely manner

  • Maintain and calibrate instruments to ensure accuracy and precision

  • Monitor consumables and accessories to prevent delays

  • Perform preventative maintenance and repairs

  • Liaise with R&D team and external vendors/ service providers


  • PhD in Chemistry

  • 10+ years experience in an analytical chemistry role

  • Extensive experience analyzing unknowns in gaseous, aqueous and organic samples using multiple analytical techniques

  • Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with chromatographic, spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques such as GCMS, LCMS, IR, NMR and UV-VIS

  • Experience in method development, instrument maintenance, and troubleshooting

  • Good hands-on experience with chemical wet lab techniques

  • Experience operating independently or leading a team

  • Ability to clearly and accurately communicate and document technical information

  • Ability to work in a dynamic, start-up environment and prioritize tasks to meet company goals

Special Consideration Given For

  • Knowledge and experience with other instrumentation (GPC, NMR, FTIR, EA, TOC, ICP)

  • Experience with polymer analysis

  • Experience with organic chemistry