Starting Material

Shredded plastic packaging

The best recycling technology is compatible with existing systems. That’s why we work with material recovery facilities to source and study real, post-consumer plastic waste after industrial sorting. We also shred plastics to increase the surface area available to the reaction.

Our process is developed for polyethylene, which is over a third of all plastics produced globally. We are currently focused on LDPE and HDPE flexible plastics - think grocery bags, bubble wraps, trash bags, retail packaging, food wraps, etc.


Core Process

Accelerated thermal oxidative Depolymerization: a new chemical technology

To break plastic polymer chains, we must cleave stable carbon-carbon bonds. Through thousands of experiments, we’ve identified a combination of reaction conditions that enables the polymer to be broken into lower molecular weight species with oxygenated terminals, forming valuable organic acid compounds that can be harvested, purified, and used to make products we love.

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Valuable Products

The world's first chemical intermediates made from plastic waste

Products created from our process include chemical building blocks for synthetic chemistry and synthetic biology: succinic acid, glutaric acid, adipic acid, pimelic acid, suberic acid, and azelaic acid. These are the first chemical intermediates made from post-consumer waste! Today's intermediates are produced using petroleum, and they’re essential in the production of performance materials, solvents, coatings, and more. Our innovation unlocks the potential of using plastic waste to replace fossil fuel as a resource for sustainable supply chains.