Laboratory Associate

Job Summary

We’re seeking a Lab Associate to help expedite our research efforts.

This is a full-time position in Menlo Park, CA. We accept local applicants with the status for US employment.

Typical Activities in the Job

  • Carry-out chemical reactions and processes (ie. reflux, pressure reactors, filtration, distillation, extraction, titration, extrusion, compounding) 

  • Run routine analytics including GCMS/LCMS/IR etc.

  • Prepare reaction feedstocks 

  • Clean and maintain laboratory work areas including all lab equipment and glassware

  • Develop and maintain a chemical/consumable inventory and restock commonly used items

  • Research equipment parts or consumables and make purchases 

  • Research relevant topics and gather information/data to assist the R&D team


  • BSc in chemistry, material science, polymer science or equivalent (MSc preferred)

  • Minimum 2 years of experience working in a wet chemistry/scientific laboratory

  • Must be comfortable working with hazardous materials and must comply to all health and safety regulations

  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multitask and prioritize work

Preferred Skills

  • Experience performing independent research is an asset

  • Experience with distillation and organic extractions

  • Experience with air-free chemistry using a Schlenk line

  • Experience with small and large molecule purification

  • Experience in polymer characterization and mechanical testing

  • Experience with LCMS, GCMS, NMR, IR, melt flow, DSC, TGA, tensile modulus, extrusion, compounding.

  • Ability to perform equipment maintenance and troubleshooting