BioCellection is a social enterprise, developing advanced technologies to transform unrecyclable plastics into virgin-quality chemicals for sustainable supply chains. 

By focusing on the 91% of plastic waste too contaminated and difficult to recycle, we are unlocking a massive resource that leads to unprecedented opportunities.


Our Vision

Our modern world is enabled by plastics. To keep our world beautiful, we need to use plastic waste sustainably. We envision a future where all end-of-life plastics will be recycled indefinitely. To achieve this goal, we must develop and scale key innovations to turn plastic waste into quality products that can serve sustainable markets. 


Our Mission

We're pushing the frontiers of innovation in the field of plastic recycling by developing novel, scalable, and sustainable processes that treat hard-to-recycle plastic waste. We partner with organizations to scale and deploy the inventions that we build to make big impacts around the world.

By the Numbers


The total kg of plastic waste we've upcycled so far.


The plastic bags we’ve saved from the oceans and landfills so far.

What drives us every day is seeing that our invention can recycle the plastics that are becoming pollution. We are working hard to make our prototype become something that can be used around the world. We are convinced that we can solve the plastic pollution problem within our lifetime, it’s just a matter of working with the right people to make it happen.
— Miranda Wang, Co-founder & CEO, BioCellection

Supporters of our Venture