We invent technologies to transform unrecyclable PE into virgin-quality building blocks for a circular economy.  


Jeanny Yao

Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer

Miranda wang

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Le Roy, PHD

Director of Research & Development

Tapaswy Muppaneni, PHD

Chemical Engineer, Research & Development

Thomas Burgoyne, PhD

Analytical Chemist, Research & Development

Teeba Al Ramah

Operations Associate

Reese Griffith

Business Development Associate

David Pilsk

Laboratory Assistant, Research & Development

Russell Pratt, PHD

Organic Chemist, Research & Development

Katrina Knauer, PHD

Polymer Scientist, Product Development

Vincent Zollo

Laboratory Assistant


Schmidt Marine Technology Partners

UCLA IoES Pritzker Prize

GreenWaste Recovery, Inc

Rolex Awards for enterprise

ONE WORLD Impact Investments

First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund

Toyota Mothers of Invention

Carl & Barbara Page

Michael Riedijk

Bruno Faviero

Marc & Lynne benioff

UN Environment

Elemental excelerator

City of San José ESD

Wharton Entrepreneurship


SOSV & RebelBio

Ren Xiao Guang

Luis Garay

Claudia van der Vorm

Sheri Sobrato & Eric Brisson

marjorie yang